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I’ve started writing some PHP 5.x scripts for the CLI (Command Line Interface) to run as server background processes / daemon on an Ubuntu server.

However, I needed to run some tests on my local development environment, a Windows XP machine running PHP v5.2.14 and I’ve been receiving warning messages saying that I’m missing a few important DLLS.

Turns out they are not that important because they are missing and you more than likely don’t need them.

All you need to do is find the php.ini file and comment out the relevant extensions that try to load.

Here are the list of DLLs PHP complained about and the associated extensions in the php.ini that I commented out with a semicolon (;).

Missing DLL Associated Extensions
OCI.dll php_oci8.dll, php_pdo_oci.dll, php_pdo_oci8.dll
sqlite3.dll php_pdo_sqlite.dll, php_pdo_sqlite_external.dll, php_sqlite.dll
aspell-15.dll php_pspell.dll
libcs.dll php_sybase_ct.dll

The process is the same if you have other warning messages popping up. The trick is trying to find out what the associated extensions are for that particular DLL.

Need help, drop a comment below.